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Why We Need to have Control over CodeGen

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Have you ever wished that when you double clicked an event handler that the method generated by the IDE had some comments regarding the arguments passed so you didn’t have to consult the third party vendor’s help?

What about a simple TAction.OnUpdate handler, have you ever wondered why Delphi doesn’t inject the following code?

(Sender as TAction).Enabled := ^

or since it knows the component whose handler it’s creating (in this case let’s assume it’s named actTakeAction):

actTakeAction.Enabled := ^

BTW, the ^ would be the position were the cursor would be left.  The choice as to what code was generated could be a code style preference setting.

It’s this kind of polish you might expect if EMB practices dogfooding, or CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) - QC97158.

Cancun Calling

Monday, August 1st, 2011

If you get a call from 314-627-6928 from an organization representing themselves as Cancun Calling, HANG UP!  They will tell you, that a friend or relative has entered your name for a vacation draw for a $2500 credit towards an all inclusive vacation.

They won’t send you the offer in writing for you to consider and it’s only good for the duration of the call.  A vacation will cost $69 activation fee and hotel tax of $110 + any incidentals such as calls from your room and of course your airfare.  Sounds like a good deal, even if you have to attend a 90 minute time share presentation, but what they don’t tell you is it’s not really an all-inclusive vacation.

They will direct you to and give you a promo code so you can actually view the information on the site. Mine was uniep1425.  They will be talking to you all the time trying to convince you to proceed to verification using the phrase “does that make sense”, where your credit card number and verbal authorization will be recorded.  Don’t DO IT!  Under Discover Cancun it says European Plan (Accomodations Only).   The site is all in flash so I can’t give you a direct URL.  If you don’t notice the European Plan, and give them your credit card # your on the hook!  An offer to good to be true usually is…..