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hcOPF - WYSIWYG with the DevExpress Quantum Grid

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

When using the DevExpress grid with ObjectLists, there is currently a limitation that you must assign a root object to the hcUIObjectBinder.BoundObject property and this root object needs to expose the ThcParentedObjectList to present in the grid as a child of the root object that exists when the root object is constructed at design-time.  It may be empty, but it must be present, and provide a ListName in order for the object inspector to provide it as a discernible option.  Hopefully sometime in the near future I will have time to make it possible to bind to a standalone object list.  Here is a code snippet that I use in the AfterConstruction override:

  FLoggedInUsers := TftEmployeeList.Create(Self);
  FLoggedInUsers.Name := 'LoggedInUsers';

While the ThcObjectDataSource does the majority of the heavy lifting for you in terms of presenting objectlists in the Developer Express Quantum Grid, there are times in which you need to programmatically modify the domain objects and inform the grid to update itself.  This can be achieved by calling:


or the DataChanged() method of the TcxGridMediator.

In order to ensure the domain objects are updated immediately, I always set the ImmediatePost property of all grid editors to True.

Another thing to look out for are changes that are pending in the grid that have not been committed to the underlying objects.  For this I use the following code on the TAction.OnExecute event handler in my forms:

  if GridTableView.DataController.IsEditing then

Of course you still have to persist the data if you’re using ThcParentedObjectLists that use CachedUpdates.  By default lists do not use CachedUpdates, so the grid Posts the data when you scroll to a different row, and the object layer writes the object data to the database.  The code above also results in a database update for for the current object in such lists.

If you use these tips, using hcOPF objects with the DevExpress Quantum Grid can actually be easier in some cases than a dataset.