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Embarcadero’s Newest Dog Food

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

I’ve been a developer now for 19 years….wow!  A lot has changed over that time, but one constant has always been  that software companies who use their own products internally produce better software.  It’s called DogFooding in the industry.

When .NET first came out, a lot of developers were opposed to writing .NET code for performance reasons including load time, as well as the size of the executables, and the speed of the code.  One of the arguments against using .NET was that none of Microsoft’s own products were written in .NET.  Of course a lot of this had to do with the fact that their products were large legacy codebases and .NET gradually crept into the mix.

When WPF first came out a lot of developers thought it was interesting technology, but no one was using it, and the GPU overhead required newer video cards.  WPF usage gradually increased as Microsoft frameworks leveraged it, and then Expression Blend, and Visual Studio 2010 shipped showing that Microsoft was dogfooding their own technology.

The thought occurred to me today, that having to use FPC with XCode for the Mac can’t be a long term solution.  EMB has said they will be shipping their own compiler for the Mac, but what about the IDE?  Any conditional compilation will eventually require code editing in XCode which doesn’t have code completion for Pascal and all the other features of the Delphi IDE.  In addition, at some point requiring two machines (or a VM) when you’re targeting one platform will just become a pain.

I wonder if EMB will follow Microsoft’s example, and use their own UI framework that would have the added advantage of enabling EMB to make the IDE X platform.  That would be the ultimate showcase for their compiler and FireMonkey.