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Out of Memory Exception Solved WorkAround!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Compiling project groups even of relatively small projects can generate ‘Out of Memory’ exceptions.  I have been plagued with such errors since upgrading to XE3, and they are sadly still present in XE4.  Reading the newsgroups I have found posts indicating some users are experiencing these errors in earlier versions as well.

Today I stumbled across a fix workaround, which apparently has been out for a while (5 days), but was unknown to me.  I read the Delphi blogs almost daily, and frequent the newsgroups weekly, yet I had never heard of a solution for this issue, so I thought I would let other Delphi users know…

Andreas Hausladen has provided the fix workaround as part of his DDevExtensions 2.8 package, so you don’t have to entertain a future upgrade in order to finally have this bug fixed!  The option is not turned on by default though, so make sure to toggle it after installing.

Enabling option to WorkAround the Out of Memory Errors

Enabling option to WorkAround the Out of Memory Errors