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Windows 10 Updates Suck!

Monday, August 27th, 2018

I have no issue with Microsoft wanting to patch the OS and bundled applications to make them more reliable.  The problem I have is that Windows 10 Updates are always being applied at an inconvenient time.  If you defer an update you have limited choices, and more often than not, Windows just re-starts on it’s own to apply them without me even knowing one was pending.  I have a bad habit of keeping scratch notes in a NotePad++ file and not saving it.  More than once Windows has re-started and I’ve lost those notes.

The worst thing is, it can take Windows a long time to apply an update and in the mean time you’re twiddling your thumbs.  What was wrong with the way updates have been handled for the last ~20 years?  Worse yet, some of those Windows Updates have caused issues, and required rollbacks.

We all know software is more complex than ever and hard to get right, so why would Microsoft force updates upon their user base?  At least let the user have the illusion they are in control of their own computer.  Apple notifies of updates for Mac OS/X, but they don’t apply them automatically.

Nothing alienates a user more than being inconvenienced by their OS, and there are lots of free alternatives these days.

Using a K750 Mac Keyboard with VMWare Fusion

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

I just created a VM for the Beta test and decided I am going to use it on my Mac for a change. Rather than using a KVM I bought a Logitech M510 mouse, and K750 PC keyboard and bound it to one unifying receiver. Normally I just pull the USB receiver from my PC, put it into my Mac mini, switch the input on my display and I’m off to the races. This is not ideal in that some Mac keyboard mappings are then unavailable to me, but since I mainly run Windows VMs, that was okay until a leg broke on my PC keyboard.

I decided that I would start using my Mac K750, but re-discovered that the function keys are by default mapped to Mac OS/X special functions, and to use the function keys I had to press the fn + F which is a pain because of the location of the fn key and my muscle memory.

I tried using the tips on Malcolm Groves blog but without success as I am running High Sierra. I even installed Karabiner to remap the function keys to normal F keys and that didn’t seem to work for me. What did work was installing the Logitech Control Center. I didn’t have to re-map any keys it just worked…

I of course have VMWare Fusion 10’s Windows 10 Profile Keyboard mapping set to disable Mac OS Host keyboard shortcuts.

Now the only issue I have is that the Logitech M510 mouse does not track very well, and sometimes appears to lose it’s connection to the receiver.  If I lift it up and put it back down, I get my mouse cursor back, but it’s so frustrating I have started using an old Bluetooth Apple Mouse I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents.  Apparently Logitech is known for poor Mac support.