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Elementary - Sherlock’s OS?

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Recently the hard drive in my Toshiba Satellite gave up the ghost, so I decided to stick in an SSD and update the OS.  Originally the laptop shipped with Windows 8 (yeach!).  The laptop kept hanging as it accessed the hard drive.  I tried repairing it by booting off a Windows CD, but it kept locking up.  Even after installing a new SSD this issue persisted.  I could not get any version of Windows to install.

Finally I decided that I would try to install a Linux Distro.  I had previously used Ubuntu and found it to be reasonably reliable and user friendly,  Googling for Distro rankings I came across Elementary OS.  It’s Mac like UI intrigued me, so I set about installing it.  Unlike Windows, the Linux distro installed without issue on my SSD, and seems quite quick.

I happily discovered that Firefox and Skype are available and work quite well although installing them was a little more complicated than running a Windows installer.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same for VMWare Player, so for now running my VMs on the laptop is not possible.  Between the apps that come bundled, and those available for this Ubuntu based Linux distro, I have everything an average use would need on a daily basis.

Unfortunately I installed Loki (v4) and to “upgrade” to the latest OS version of Juno (v5.0) meant a complete re-install of the OS and apps.  Hopefully future “upgrades” will be available using the AppCentre.