ReEnabling the GExperts Procedure List (Ctrl +G)

If you are like me, you use GExperts in your IDE.  IMHO much of the functionality GExperts offers should be part of the stock IDE.  Once you start using it, there is no going back.  Many thanks to Erik Berry and company for putting all this together and keeping it supported through so many releases of Delphi.

Sporadically I have noticed that Ctrl+G in XE4 with GExperts installed stops working.  If I restart the IDE it would again work for a while, but eventually I was frustrated enough to investigate the issue further.  Using GExpert’s IDE Menu ShortCuts option I navigated through the menu looking for menu items using the same shortcut.  I stumbled across the Find Original Symbol menu item which uses the same shortcut (it would be nice to be able to search for a shortcut but I did not see such an option).  I re-mapped it to a custom shortcut since I am used to using Ctrl+G for the GExperts Procedure List.  This worked temporarily, but then I noticed Ctrl+G was still shown in the Find Original Symbol menu option.  I re-started the IDE and it then showed the new shortcut, and Ctrl+G launches the procedure list as expected.

I hope this helps in case you are experiencing the same issues.

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  1. William Says:

    Cary Jensen has published a list of Delphi shortcuts. But what is really needed is a compilation of all the shortcuts which are live in the IDE. I’ve never looked at the OTAPI stuff closely. I wonder whether there is some collection in the registry, or whether it’s all done in the various plug-ins….

  2. RichardS Says:

    Thanks. I have had a similar intermittent problem, so hopefully that will fix it.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used Find Original Symbol…

  3. Gad D Lord Says:

    I use cnWizards instead which has the same Procedure list functionality mapped to Ctrl+D.

  4. Joseph Says:

    Did I read this correctly? Are you saying that in 2014/XE6 you still can’t map any key(s) to any functions in the Delphi IDE?

  5. Wodzu Says:


    that happened me few times as well.

  6. Larry Hengen Says:


    No you did not read it right, you need glasses…;-)

    AFAIK in XE4 in 2014 you cannot map any key to any function. You can only select the key mapping and there is no way of discovering what that mapping binds keys to, except via documentation. Some third party add-ins like CodeRush, GExperts allow you to remap keys so their native defaults to not conflict with anything else, but this functionality is not available in the stock IDE AFAIK. I believe it was a question on a recent survey, and I cannot comment whether it is available in XE5 or 6.

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