Get Awesomeness is Awesome

Get Awesomeness is a curated list of awesome Delphi frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things. Inspired by awesome-… stuff. It’s nice to have one stop shopping to open source frameworks of interest.  Certainly beats searching on source forge, Google code, GitHub and all the other sites.

Note that only open-source projects are considered. Dead projects are mainly ignored except for those which do not have alive analogs. Feel free to suggest other missing nice projects either by comments or pull requests.

3 Responses to “Get Awesomeness is Awesome”

  1. A. Bouchez Says:

    Missing our mORMot framework, which is an very active and rich open-source project. I will fork the github project.

  2. Fronzel Neekburm Says:

    This may come across rude, but I fail to see why even bother to list something when continuing with “Nearly undocumented and seems not very up-to-date though.”. As great the JCL itself is, the JVCL shocked me. Even their own wiki often states “Don’t really know what it actually does. Looks like a normal TPageControl to me.”. Why would someone use this?

  3. Lex Says:

    The domain has now expired. Pity.
    The info is still available on the Wayback Machine:*/

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