DX Seattle is Unstable with CnWizards

I installed the latest CnPack’s Wizards 1.09.89 a couple days ago and DX Seattle suddenly seemed much slower, sometimes pausing for several seconds before presenting an hour glass and coming back to life.  A few times Windows actually detected it as not responding and prompted if I wanted to Debug or Close Delphi.

Today I uninstalled CnPack and DX Seattle is again responsive.  Too bad, I like a few of their add-ins.  Hopefully a subsequent release will resolve it.

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  1. Alexandre Machado Says:

    I have CnWizards Build 2015.09.18 installed in Seattle and it seems not to suffer this issue. At least I’m using it since released and didn’t notice anything wrong.
    The only “issue” is that I use the “Source Highlight Enhancements” which cause a little delay when I’m switching tabs (from one unit source to another) and in the destination tab I have some selected text… If the text is not selected the time seems normal. But I can live with that…

  2. Peter Says:

    I use CnWizards from 2016-01-16 15:15 without problems in Delphi 10 Seattle.

  3. Larry Hengen Says:

    @Alexandre, @Peter,

    It may be an interaction issue. I have GExperts 1.38Beta1, Parnassus BookMarks, and of course Castalia. I will try re-installing each independently to try to isolate the issue when time permits.

  4. Gad D Lord Says:


    Revert to 1.0.8 and you should be good. Works OK for me on Seatle XE10 without Update 1.

    Gad D Lord

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