hcOPF now supports Advantage Database Server

I started my development career writing medical billing software for a small company started by one man who saw the need for some software, taught himself Clipper Summer’87 and filled that need.  He grew the company to two full-time developers, but never managed to make the jump into Windows development.  He managed to sell the DOS products long after DOS was no longer the pre-eminent operating system.  For those of you not familiar with Clipper, it’s an XBase product that uses enhanced DBase type DBF files.  We had some speed and corruption issues because at that time machines weren’t as fast, and networks were not nearly as reliable.  We used Advantage Server for Novell to solve these issues.  I was always really impressed with the speed and robustness of their software, but always thought it had a limited shelf life as the XBase developers would either evolve or die off.  I was wrong.  Sybase now owns them, and the engine has grown up to be a database with lots of impressive features.  Check them out at #mce_temp_url#.

For those developers using Advantage, you can now use Advantage with hcOPF.  I had to re-write the hcADS unit since the DAL interfaces had changed since the initial version was written years go.  It’s not as well tested as other DAL layers, and you may find hcOPF doesn’t support all the datatypes now available in Advantage, but it’s functional.

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