Big Cats Rule

Just as a follow up note to my previous post about using my K750 keyboard on a Mac with VMWare Fusion, I mentioned that my Logitech M510 mouse wasn’t tracking all that well.

In fact, sometimes my keyboard would not seem responsive either.  It seemed to be a problem only when using my external USB 3.0 enclosure which houses the SSD I run my Fusion VMs from.  I thought for a while that perhaps I was experiencing some interference between my WiFi and the Logitech Unifying Receiver.  Odd, because I have been using Logitech for a long time at home without issue.  What lead me to believe it might be interference was an experience at work.  When a new WiFi wap was added close to my machine I got similar behaviour from my keyboard and sometimes the Google speakers would cut out while playing music.  When I switched to a Bluetooth keyboard the issue stopped.

As a result, I was looking around for a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combination that I liked to replace mine.  Unfortunately the only solar keyboard I could find was the Logitech ones I already owned.  Even Logitech for some reason wasn’t making a solar Bluetooth version.  I love never having to charge or replace batteries.  I wish my mouse was solar too!

For kicks, I did some googling to see if other Mac users were having issues, and eventually found links that indicated people had keyboard and mouse issues after upgrading OS/X to High Sierra, which was when my keyboard issues started (although I never connected the dots myself).  One poster had similar problems with a USB device and indicated that for whatever reason, when he plugged the USB device into a hub rather than directly into his Mac mini the problem did not occur.

I dug up a USB hub I bought as part of a tub of miscellaneous cables at a garage sale, plugged my USB SSD and unifying receiver into it and my problems disappeared!

As far as I am concerned the OS/X versions named after the big cats were less problematic.

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