10.4 Good Buddy

For a long time there has been a lot of complaints about Error Insight in Delphi giving more false positives (red swiggly lines) than actual problems. It also slowed down the IDE so much that I for one, simply turned it off to avoid the noise and IDE lag. Code Insight also had it’s fair share of issues in terms of parsing blocking the IDE main thread making it unresponsive. The suggestions were not always relevant either.

Then there were IDE updates distributed as a ZIP file that you had to manually unzip and place the files in the correct installation subfolders. There wasn’t even a way to automatically find out if patches were available. The larger updates even required a re-install.

If you thought EMBT did not hear you, they just responded with a big 10-4; RAD Studio/Delphi 10.4. This is arguably the most significant release since Delphi 7. The new Delphi LSP unifies all the IDE code parsing, providing the compiler’s interpretation of the code. This makes Code and Error Insight much faster without blocking the IDE main thread so you can continue to actually use the IDE to….code. It also makes Code and Error Insight, well… more insightful.

Besides the plethora of fixes, there are other major features like managed records and the unification of all platform memory models, and another personal favourite that caught me by surprise; GetIt can now apply patches.

If you’re not on subscription or haven’t updated your Delphi version for some time, 10.4 is a release worthy of getting to know.

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