Code Documentation - What Do you Use?

I have been looking for a tool to generate documentation from embedded comments in hcOPF.  I am more familiar with JavaDoc than XMLDoc conventions, but I really don’t care which one I end up using as long as the tool can accurately parse Delphi code from D4 on up.

With the introduction of generics and class helpers in the latest versions of Delphi finding a tool that can parse Delphi source is not a trivial concern.  Although hcOPF doesn’t currently use any language features that would exclude earlier Delphi versions, it may at some point.  Even if it’s done using conditional directives, this may break the documentation parser, so selecting a robust parser that is going to be maintained in the future is important.

Needless to say, hcOPF is an open source offering so I’m not about to drop big $ on a tool to provide documentation on the framework.

I even went so far as to purchase Rad Studio 2007 because the feature matrix indicated it had documentation generation built into the compiler.  Unfortunately, the documentation on the parser and live templates that would be used to support the commenting efforts, is practically non-existent.  Since not everyone who will choose to use hcOPF will be using BDS2006 or higher, they won’t have the ability to use this documentation system, so I am leaning towards an independent toolset.

What do you use, and why?

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