Another GExperts GEM

I’ve used GExperts for some time, and I keep finding gold nuggets or gems as the saying goes, that make it easier to accomplish day to day tasks.

GIT may be  a great version control system, but it probably contributes to a lot of task switching, which can impact productivity.  For instance, I often need to switch branches to address smaller issues, or make a fix for something QA has found during testing of a fix ( happens…).  Each time I do so, all the files I had open in the IDE for that particular issue, are lost in terms of knowing which ones they were.  AFAIK (as far as I know) there is no way to have the IDE save this information such that when you switch branches it will be preserved.  The IDE will save the current open file list in a project DSK file so it can restore them, but if you have the DSK file in version control, switching branches will replace it.  DSKs are normally not versioned because sharing them between developers is not desirable.  If it’s not in version control, saving it on a different branch will overwrite the list of files.  What is the solution?

One potential solution is to use GExperts Favorites feature.  You can create folders for each set of files (by project or issue # for instance),  Then just add the files you want and next time you switch you can easily re-open the files of interest from your favorites.  It even has the ability to add your Favorites to the File menu.

One of the great things about Delphi’s IDE is the OpenTools API which allows for such extensive add-ins, and Thomas Mueller has put a lot of effort in maintaining and evolving the project.  Thanks!

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  1. Roland Bengtsson Says:

    I am in the same sitution and switching between ReleaseCandidate (RC) and Latest unstable (Tip). My solution is to simply use two virtual machines running.
    One with RC and one with Tip. If you just have enough with RAM it works fine.

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