Getting Cross with CrossVCL

Thought I would give CrossVCL VirtualTreeView support a look see, but when I installed it I couldn’t even run any sample applications.  Kept getting “ld-linux.exe: error: cannot find -lGL”.  Being a Linux newbie I searched the KSDEV CrossVCL issue forum and FAQ thought I was onto something, but after expanding the compiler messages I discovered it was GTK3 related.

A little googling and I found this post which explains that if you want to compile apps for GTK3 you need to change the version of the GTK3 libs that come with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

To use gtk2 or gtk3 apps you don’t need to install anything. But, if you want to develop (or even just compile) apps this is what you’re looking for:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev

After issuing the command above and updating the SDK I was able to compile and run CrossVCL apps.  No need to get cross, just the correct libs.

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