Doing it with Style

I’ve been on many teams over the years and found that Coding style is a subjective and often heated discussion.  Different language backgrounds often result in different styles that can make code reviews a contentious choke point.  Usually the team has to come up with their own style guide with compromises to accomodate it’s members, but no one wants to create a comprehensive guide from the ground up.

Usually the old Borland style guide was used as the basis for establishing the code style and code formatter settings used by the team.  In recent years it has been more challenging to find that guide, and let’s face it, like everything else it probably needed an update.  The good news is that there is now a style guide section on the EMBT DocWiki which will likely be evolved over time and is of course much easier to find.

Object Pascal has survived for over 25 years, in a large part, because it is a very readable language.  Consistent code formatting helps.

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