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These days as the Pandemic continues to disrupt society, reducing individual rights, many people are buying guns and preparing for the end of days.  Fewer in Canada than the US as the Trudeau government has seen to it that more guns have been banned, even if it makes no sense.  Certainly the future looks darker than ever in terms of the environment, politics and the economy, but this article is not about any of that or about guns.  It’s about ARMs that you can and should buy.

I bought an Apple M1 Mac mini and the thing is fast! I would highly recommend it as a dev box.  Apple’s M1 has made it perfectly clear that the detractors of the RISC CPU architecture were mistaken. The Power PC processor may have been anemic, but the M1 is not, and after reading Arnaud’s article it’s evident that Apple is not the only player raising the bar in the ARM market.

CISC is not superior, because the future is in parallel processing with lower power consumption.  RISC dominates mobile and is now poised to take over the server side aka cloud market.  With Apple switching their desktop CPUs to ARM chips and seeing companies like Ampere producing CPUs targeting the server market, I think it might be time to sell Intel and AMD stock.  I think it’s only a matter of time before ARM gains a significant share of the desktop and server markets.  Unfortunately, Ampere does not seem to be public.  Other than Apple, has anyone got some suggestions for good ARM stock?

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  1. dmz Says:

    There haven’t been any CISC CPUs made in the last 20 years so it is not surprising that RISC is faster.
    M1 CPU is certainly a nice improvement over what Apple used to provide in their mobile (and possibly desktop) offering but it is far from revolutionary.
    The truth still is that if you want the fastest possible desktop CPU, 1) you will go with Intel or AMD and 2) you will pay for it in $$$ and power consumption.
    Apple may be able to match the performance of the best CPUs but they will also pay the power consumption price. Due to tightly integrated hardware and software stack Apple may be able to use less power but don’t expect Threadripper performance in a mobile phone.
    The best thing about M1 is not the performance it provides right now but rather the incentive for other manufacturers to innovate and deliver something better and hopefully more open and available to non-restricted hardware/software architecture.

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