hcOPF supports Delphi 2010 & Unicode

Thanks to Bo Sorensen, hcOPF nows supports the latest Delphi compilers using Unicode as the default string type.

3 Responses to “hcOPF supports Delphi 2010 & Unicode”

  1. Hector S Ponce Says:

    I’m looking for a ORM for lazarus/freepascal …

    Why not compile hcOPF for FreePascal?

    In your opinion, which is the best orm for FreePascal?


  2. Larry Hengen Says:


    You must have missed this post (http://www.tpersistent.com/?p=215). I would love to have hcOPF support FreePascal but I haven’t had the time to devote to get it compiling. I use Delphi for Windows daily, but do not use FreePascal currently because of the language limitations, and because it doesn’t support the Cocoa UI.

    Feel free to port it yourself though. If you do, please email me the code so I can incorporate it into the main trunk.

  3. Shine Says:

    Yeah, it is really a problem. It seems you must do a lot of work to convert old project to the new one. This is not the things we want to do. To maintain the old version of project under the old enviroment also a pain.

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