hcOPF Error Indicators

The JCL and JVCL are a humungous collection of useful components and routines for Delphi.  Kudos to the team that maintains and develops them.  I have used the JCL/JVCL on a number of projects now, and my only complaint is that you can’t really pick and choose what components you want to use.

This came to light once again when I decided I wanted to use the TJvErrorIndicator component with the hcOPF.  I used a single unit from the JVCL and the next thing I knew, I had 3 more packages to distribute; the JCL, JVclCore and JvValidators.

One of the things I like most about Delphi compared to .NET is the ability to create an application with a minimal footprint.  Since I have open sourced hcOPF, I also don’t want to force anyone to adopt any components they don’t wish to use, or deploy anything larger than necessary.

I have looked through the dependancies, and there is really no need for most of the classes I am forced to deploy, they just happen to be in the same unit as something else.  I really wish the Jedi would adopt the SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) for units so I could pick and choose.  As a result, I am thinking about going over to the dark side and ripping out the ErrorIndicator code to create my own unit for hcOPF.  Not exactly an ideal scenario as I cannot contribute back any changes as easily, nor can I benefit as easily from any future enhancements the Jedi make.

Another annoyance is that for some reason the LIBSUFFIX directive is not currently being used for the Jedi packages from D7 up.  As a result I have to change the required package dependancy list for each project for each version of Delphi I am trying to support, rather than simply referencing, for example, JvCore.dcp I have to reference JvCoreD7, or JvCoreD14 etc.  I have reported this issue, and am assured it will be fixed in a future release.

Like other developers I often look to the community for guidelines on naming, code organization, and programming techniques.  What ever happened to dclPackageName${LIBSUFFIX} for design-time packages and PackageName${LIBSUFFIX} for run-time?  What is the recommended standard now?

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