hcOPF UIObjectBinder gets DesignTime Support

I used to have some design-time support for the principle objects in the framework, but in my experience component and property editors are non-trivial to write, and the framework was evolving so much that I was constantly breaking all the design-time code.  I decided to back burner design-time support until hcOPF was more mature.  I am happy to announce that ObjectBinding design-time support is now available.

You can now design your objects, install the objects into the IDE, and bind their attributes to form controls without writing a single line of code.  Here is a screenshot of the ObjectListMgr demo showing the design-time support.

Many thanks to Developer Express, not only for donating a license to their DevExpress QuantumGrid Suite so I can continue to support it with hcOPF, and for allowing Richard Morris to share their technique for delegating properties to child objects.  You can find that article here.

UIObjectBinder Design-Time Support

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