The Cost of Progress

Ok I admit it.  I’m a bit of a hoarder.  I finally went through all my old paperwork and shredded everything that I didn’t need to keep for the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).  Amidst 15 years of paperwork I came across the following:

Delphi 2 - The First 32 bit Windows Release

Delphi 2 - The First 32 bit Windows Release

I ordered and returned Delphi 1.  It was an impressive product, but it was so new no one was using it, so it was a little hard to justify the money (I was even poorer then).  When Delphi 2 shipped, Delphi became my development tool of choice and has been ever since.

Embarcadero’s current pricing at the on-line Canadian store is $922.64.  I wonder how they determined that price.  It’s not rounded to the nearest dollar, or priced so it appears below some psychological threshold.  Even after GST is applied, it’s an odd figure.

Anyway, I wondered how much Delphi 2 would have been sold for in today’s dollars, so I used 3% inflation annually, compounded on a yearly basis and it worked out to $635.29 CAD.  The current price is 1.45 times the adjusted cost of Delphi 2.

There are certainly more features in the box, but do you think it’s worth the price?


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  1. Kylie Batt Says:

    И что в таком случае нужно делать?…

    Ok I admit it.  I’m a bit of a hoarder…..

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