If Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what is copying?

I ran across this post today and was outraged that it’s exactly what I posted here two days earlier.  I like that it’s on another Delphi blog, but why copy my content?  Looks like the “author” may be pilfering other people’s posts on Delphi subjects as well….so beware.

5 Responses to “If Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what is copying?”

  1. Larry Hengen Says:

    The HiDelphi page was removed after I commented on the blog.

  2. Olaf Monien Says:

    Copying stuff without notice and not telling anything about him (her?) self - I don’t get it …

  3. Mike Howard Says:

    Appears to be a pirate site, too.

  4. Bertrand Person Says:

    It looks like a domain name squatter. Registered to name.com LLC

    What often happens is, a genuine site is up and running, then as soon as it lapses, it gets swept up by an automated robot by a squatter, gets filled with harvested content, then cash is earned with clickthroughs or by reselling the name.

  5. Wordpress Themes Says:

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