Why TPersistent?

I decided I wanted to blog, to increase my presence in the on-line community.  I wanted a site where I could do more than just blog, and since my opinions are my own it didn’t make any sense for my blog to be part of a corporate site, and I didn’t want to publish under larryhengen.com.

Since one of my primary programming interests is Delphi, I decided to use what IMHO is the most important class in the VCL.  Without TPersistent there would be no DFM streaming, no opportunity for objects to make much of an impact during their short life time….and so it seemed fitting for my blog domain name.

One Response to “Why TPersistent?”

  1. Jørn E. Angeltveit Says:

    You should add you name in the header or in some about page.

    I have no problem with an anonymous blog, of course, but when you refer to your own comments somewhere else (like you did in http://www.tpersistent.com/?p=697), it much easier to put the pieces together when you actually know the name of the author.

    It’s also important (or nice for the reader) to know which of the comments are from the author of the article. So you should either comment as “TPersistent.com” or put a hint of who you are somewhere visible.

    …That’s just m2c.
    I enjoy reading your blog either way. ;-)

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