It Doesn’t Take a Genius

On Monday I went to the Apple store in Market Mall and was amazed how busy it was at 12:30pm.  No wonder Apple is making record profits!  I went because I bought a bluetooth hands free ear piece from Apple, and something happened to my cable.  My Mac no longer recognizes my iPhone when connected using that cable, and it no longer charges my ear piece.  I asked about getting a replacement cable, and was told I would have to speak to a Genius.  They were so busy, I couldn’t get an appointment the same day.

Now while Apple may win awards for customer service, I don’t think it should have taken a genius to know that I don’t want to drive for 40 minutes back to the store some other time to get an answer to my dilemma.  Can I buy another cable from Apple and if so, how much?

If I had walked into a IBM PC clone retail store, they wouldn’t have said “make an appointment” to get the answer, and I would have found out what my options were right away, or they would have said “we will have to research it and get back to you.  What’s your phone number?”.  Apple didn’t even offer.

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