Cancun Calling

If you get a call from 314-627-6928 from an organization representing themselves as Cancun Calling, HANG UP!  They will tell you, that a friend or relative has entered your name for a vacation draw for a $2500 credit towards an all inclusive vacation.

They won’t send you the offer in writing for you to consider and it’s only good for the duration of the call.  A vacation will cost $69 activation fee and hotel tax of $110 + any incidentals such as calls from your room and of course your airfare.  Sounds like a good deal, even if you have to attend a 90 minute time share presentation, but what they don’t tell you is it’s not really an all-inclusive vacation.

They will direct you to and give you a promo code so you can actually view the information on the site. Mine was uniep1425.  They will be talking to you all the time trying to convince you to proceed to verification using the phrase “does that make sense”, where your credit card number and verbal authorization will be recorded.  Don’t DO IT!  Under Discover Cancun it says European Plan (Accomodations Only).   The site is all in flash so I can’t give you a direct URL.  If you don’t notice the European Plan, and give them your credit card # your on the hook!  An offer to good to be true usually is…..


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  1. Amanda Says:

    That exact thing happened to me my code was unip1441. i asked if they were in the better business bureau and they arent there.

  2. virginia jarvis Says:

    I had the creepy feeling this was a scam. but I’ve done the 90 minute prevue thing before and even gotten a campground spot which was fun for the kids .
    Now however this seems different. I have given them my credit card number and have not enough money until the 5th. I’m going to the bank (I don’t trust banks either) and take out all the money until this is settled. Maybe a new account they won’t have the number.
    It’s so ugly and annoying when you can’t trust people and they are smart enough to make an honest living.

  3. Barb Says:

    I got a call from 914-339-9568 the other night. I missed the call and called back since I didn’t recognize the number. They said I won a vacation to Cancun for cheap and all I have to do is take a tour around the new facility. I never give information (address, credit card #, nothing) on the phone without asking for written documents be sent to my home so with this in mind, I listened to what they had to say.
    They described the deal $698 for a week in Cancun and a long weekend in Orlando Florida.
    I said I was not interested and she said there’s only 2 reasons why someone would turn down this great deal. Well I came up with a 3rd reason!!! She said people either don’t have the money to spend or can’t get away from work for the week. I said I have plenty of money but I choose NOT to spend it this way, over the phone for a vacation I am forced to take within a 2 year period of time.
    She put me over to another woman in an effort to try to do something for me……..she got Lindsay on the phone.
    So Lindsay starts repeating everything the first woman said and I stopped her from wasting unnecessary time and said It’s a commitment that I am not interested in making. You have 2 years to use the Cancun week and 2 1/2 years to use the Florida vacation.
    I didn’t want to commit and told her that I have a time share that I am using in 3 weeks and it was hard to get anyone to go that was available, wanted to spend money, or could escape from work.
    She understood but kept pushing the deal.
    Finally after saying NO 5 times, she said “good luck and sorry no one will go away with you”. ….and hung up.
    I thought she was very nice until her last comment. I thought it was incredibly unprofessional and rude!!!!!
    I called back to complain (option #2) and the phone answered and hung up right away. I called again option #2 and it said my number will be saved in their database for future opportunities. I called again option #2 and it answered and hung up right away. I tried another option and again, it answered and hung up right away. The last time I called back, it said that my subscription has been cancelled and my number was removed from their database. There was obviously NO customer service whatsoever. I was pissed at this point so I decided to write it down as I am doing today.
    They are obviously a scam or they would have a customer service department. I will write this down with the

  4. cindy Says:

    The same thing happen to me to on 12,06,11 and my number was uniep2429. I told them that It’s x-mas time and I have grandchildren to get presents for and I just don’t have the money. She told me of another offer, and I told her that I just don’t have the money. I am so glad that I did’nt give her my credit card number. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!!!

  5. Wendy C Says:

    917) 398-9563 called me I read your messages while on the phone w/ them & hung up. I wouldn’t have givin anyone my credit card info anyways. But thank u for the heads up :-)

  6. Monica L Says:

    They just called me from a local phone number 337-287-9043 giving me the same spill that everyone else has gotten.. I knew something was up when I couldn’t even open up their website.

  7. Wendy Says:

    I just received the same kind of phone call from a local number so that I would answer the phone…the nerve. I also had a recorded message stating that I or a relative had entered my info on the computer and they were going to give me a 6 day 5 night all inclusive vacation to Cancun, Mexico at one of their two resorts and an opportunity to visit Disney World in Orlando, FL if I accepted this offer and would take this first offer within 18 months and the second trip to Florida within the next 12 months which would allow me 2 and a half years to take these vacations after sitting in a 90 minute session for their resort! Also I would have to pay $698.00 for the first one. I am so glad that I never give any of my credit card info out on the phone! Please don’t be convinced that this is legit!

  8. Shelly Says:

    I received the call tonight….just because I was so bored I listened to them. Typed in the website and the first thing I see was SCAM.CANCUNCALLING.COM. Believe me I was really board tonight and had a ton of frustration built up… so I let them try to con me into this and then let them have it. They were talking so fast about Orlando and then Cacun trying to get me to give them my info. But I just decided to argue with them and give them a hard time instead…..they finally hung up on me after passing me to 2 other people who they thought could con me…..
    Anyway I feel better, I chewed them out really bad due to my bad day I had already been having…..:} Time to relax and have a glass of wine!
    Beware of these jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. red apples Says:

    Regarding reviewing the above information I believe the above since it’s true so it’s nifty to see
    a writer thats showing for all to review.

  10. George Tapia Says:

    I work with them for just 3 monts, i livee on cancun (they haver their office on the hotels zone, if you want i can give you th phone number of that fuc**ing office >:C

  11. kelly c Says:

    I was scammed today and unfortunately was dumb enough to believe the offer. I gave my cc# and info and I am scared to death that tomorrow when I wake up my bank account will be empty of my tax refund I just deposited…Id like that number PLEASE

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