Delphi XE2 - Bug Free?

If you are using Delphi XE2, and have found a bug, you might be surprised to find there is no where to report it.  The Quality Central Windows Client doesn’t list XE2 as a selectable version.  I noticed this the day XE2 was released, but thought it would be corrected shortly.  Apparently, EMB is very confident that such a major release has no issues, or they have overlooked QC updates in their release process.

Also interestingly enough, XE Update 1 (v15.1) is in the list even though I am running 15.0 and checking for updates reports ‘No updates available’.  I assume an update to XE will soon be released.

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  1. David Heffernan Says:

    On the other hand this does protect against the disappointment of reporting a bug and then seeing it being ignored for year after year.

  2. Stefan Glienke Says:

    Eh, what? XE Update 1 came out months ago and actually every serious (no offense) developer working with Delphi XE should have that installed (prolly using the ISO that has it integrated). And releasing an update for a version that is not the latest would be the first time in history, or?

    I am also wondering why version 16.0 has not been added to QC (maybe they are afraid of being flooded with reports?)

  3. Uwe Schuster Says:

    As written yesterday in .delphi.non-tech and another blog as comment - Embarcadero is aware of that, this is not by intention and this should be fixed in the next few days. For now it is okay to report it against version 15.1/XE, but please mention that it is actually a report for XE2.

  4. Bruce McGee Says:

    XE2 (16.0) is now in now available in both the web and Windows QC client.

  5. Uwe Schuster Says:

    Thanks Bruce…and I’ve already promoted a 16.0 report (QC 98613)

  6. Larry Hengen Says:


    We only recently upgraded to XE, and oddly enough the installer I was provided with installed v15.0. Thanks for the tip. I am now installing XE Update 1. It appears that Check for Updates is broken!

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