Shakespeare was Wrong? (Warning May be Offensive)

What is in a name?  Apparently quite a bit, even for an open source ORM framework.  In a global world it appears Shakespeare’s words no longer ring quite as true.  Perhaps I should have googled hcOPF before now because I might have considered a different name, because hcOPF is already known as something a little different ;-)

I hope it’s my acronym that Delphi Developers think of first…

4 Responses to “Shakespeare was Wrong? (Warning May be Offensive)”

  1. Leonard Says:

    Oh, this is a Delphi project - I thought you were bragging all this time ;-)

    It sounds like with advent of the Internet & texting, acronym space is getting as crowded as the domain name space.

  2. DaveK Says:

    hahaha … excellent … I’ll never forget the hcOPF name now.

  3. dennis Says:


  4. Stefan Glienke Says:

    I think urban dictionary has a suggestive description for almost everything. Look up Firemonkey (scroll down and click on more)

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