Why DealFind isn’t such a Find

A friend of mine bought a Dealfind voucher for rug cleaning from MarkItClean after staying with me for a while. He purchased the voucher directly from DealFind and forwarded it to me.

After emailing MarkItClean in August, I got busy and didn’t follow up for a while. When I finally got time to chase MarkItClean down I called their number and left a message. A week or so later I called again and got told their voicemail was full. I contacted Dealfind saying the vendor was unresponsive and I couldn’t even leave another message. They gave me an alternate number. I called that and again got voicemail. I left a message, and as expected they did not get back to me in the 3-5 business days they indicated.

In December, I contacted Dealfind again, and asked for a refund. Natalie, asked for the same information I had already supplied in the Dealfind contact form, saying they would contact the vendor on my behalf. I told her that after 6 months of trying to redeem this voucher I wasn’t about to wait any longer, and that Dealfind should have intervened on my behalf the first time I spoke to them. Natalie wasn’t in so Quiin took over, and led me to believe that I would get credited with Dealfind dollars in my account since my friend had paid for it on his credit card. This in fact, was not correct. My friend got credited with Dealfind dollars (he didn’t even get the choice), since he was the original purchaser of the voucher.

At this point I got frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor, and was transferred to Natalie. She seemed to understand my perspective but claimed there was nothing they could do. Their accounting system and department would not allow them to credit anyone other than the original purchaser, even if they contacted the original purchaser and got permission/confirmation that the voucher was intended for me, and that any credit should also be given to me. I found this unacceptable, and I told her so. I told her that my circumstances were not unique, and that they were leaving their customers unprotected.

Dealfind’s compliance department did not follow up after initial complaints to ensure the vendor provided the service, and they didn’t offer any kind of refund until I refused to accept anything else. The refund + 10% wouldn’t have covered the time I spent chasing Dealfind and MarkItClean down trying to get the service. After a long conversation Natalie said she would talk to her accounting department and follow up with a few other people and get back to me the following day. She did not. Quinn called me the next day, to offer to contact my friend to let him know the vendor did not render the service. Again, a waste of my time at work and of my cell air time. If you cannot count on a manager in a company to do what they undertake, I wouldn’t bet you can rely on the company.

The problem is that Dealfind vouchers are completely transferrable, but there is no protection for the recipient of the voucher in the event that the vendor does not render the product or service as advertised. If you buy someone a voucher as a gift, beware that you may be giving the gift of frustration. Dealfind has rigid business processes that no one there seems willing or able to modify even if it benefits their customers, and ultimately their business.

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  1. sy Bour says:

    Just to let you know that I have had the exact same experience with Mark-it-clean (although the name seems to be Qualicocleaningservices) and the same lack of satisfactory response from DealFind.
    Just to show how dumb i am. Shortly after purchasing the coupons from Mark-it-Clean, i purchased 2 from “the Best Cleaning Maids”. Well it seems they won’t be cleaning our house either. After many messages left on their machine, I am still awaiting a response. I doubt it will come and even if they call me to book an appointment, no one will likely showed up.
    Frustrating but it shows that you get what you pay for. I wished it hadn’t taken me a 2nd experience to be convinced of it.

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