FireMonkey - Action is Needed

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m starting to play more with FireMonkey, and one of the first things I noticed when writing an application, is that despite 4 updates there are still no action components.  Although I only started using actions long after they were first released, their benefit has been made obvious to me time and time again.  In my current project I use quite a bit of logic in my TAction.OnUpdate events.

I missed them in .NET, and now I am missing them again with FireMonkey.  If you’re filling out the Delphi survey, you might want to put in your vote to include TActionList, TActionManager, TPopupActionBar, TActionToolBar, and TActionMainMenuBar.  All of them are suspiciously missing in FMX, and I would venture that no self respecting Delphi developer would embark upon a project without the core tools we’re used to using in the VCL realm.  Certainly this is one other requirement for “porting” a VCL app to FireMonkey.

Now to get back to working on that FMX app… ;-)

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  1. Peter Says:

    What I really need is a good blog post on how to actually use an action manager! (But I already took the survey so can’t help, sorry)

  2. Larry Hengen Says:


    Check out

  3. Jan Doggen Says:

    @Peter maybe this helps:

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