Taking the Right Path

I thought I would share some additional information on Path issues that I discovered while migrating my current project to XE2, and making it compile for both Win32 & Win64.

If you decide to change the default Win32 DCP and BPL Paths to include the $(Platform) environment variable, be sure to change the the default DCP path in the Library search path to also include the $(Platform) variable, or when compiling interdependent packages you will get an error that Delphi cannot find package XXX.

Also make sure you have Delphi Update 4 installed.  There appears to be some bug fixes around environment variable handling.  Prior to Update 4 the above changes would result in a directory called %Platform% being created for the DCP and BPL output folders, and any presence of $(Platform)\$(Config) would be changed to %Platform%\%Config% which of course doesn’t work.

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