Buying the Privilege to Beta Test

I just read JT’s latest post about the virtues of XE3, and was appalled by the last paragraph “*Access to mobile beta requires an active XE3 Professional Edition or higher developer license“.

So now, not only do you have to expend the effort to beta test, you have to pay for the privilege, and it’s inferred that mobile development will likely become a new SKU.  What about all the people who bought XE2 for the promised mobile development with early, often, and regular updates to FireMonkey ?  They’re left with something that JT admits requires substantial effort to produce a mobile application for a full 2 years.

It really seems like EMBT is trying to maintain or increase sales by putting the screws to it’s existing customers by changing the EULA, and requiring upgrades to the latest version in order to see what’s coming down the pipe, but didn’t make it for XE3.

It’s one thing to ask your users to have faith that you will eventually deliver on grandiose plans with limited resources and an apparent lack of focus, and quite another to ask them for money at the same time.  I would encourage the Delphi community to let EMBT know what your think of these decisions both vocally and with your wallet.


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