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Anyone who has seen all the cross promotional bundling (or bungling if you prefer ;) ) offers that EMBT has been making with Rad Studio and Delphi might be amazed that EMBT has not done something about IBConsole.  I previously blogged about the buggy and unintuitive interface, and was not surprised to hear that most Interbase users have opted to add IBExpert or Database Workbench to their toolkit.

Considering Database Workbench now has a free lite version, it seems like a no-brainer that EMBT should dump IBConsole, and partner with Upscene, or HK-Software to bundle one or more of these free tools with at least the Interbase developer edition. 

After all, my parents taught me that if “you’re going to to something, do it to the best of your ability or not at all”.  Assuming I was competent, that translated to “Do it well or not at all”.  Distributing IBConsole with Interbase provides a negative impression of the product. But wait!  Doesn’t EMBT also sell database tools?

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  1. Warren P Says:

    RapidSQL supports interbase, and is bundled with only the ULTRA MEGA edition. I mean, “RAD Studio XE2 Ultimate”, or like. Whatever. Which NOBODY, I mean NOBODY buys.

    They would be far better off bundling a “lite” edition of RapidSQL with ALL editions of RAD Studio, and get some people to buy Rapid SQL who get a taste of it and like it. It’s kind of sad that there is a wall in between the efforts of the DB tools team (some of whom I worked with when I worked at Embarcadero), and the RAD team. The RAD team is in its own office in Scotts Valley, and the rest of the Embarcadero team is in different offices in California, as well as around the world.

    Rapid SQL is a really really nice product, and it’s only a shame most Delphi developers have never, and will never try it. I don’t know about you but free trials don’t work for me. Lite versions are far more effective at hooking people like me. I’ll use it for long enough that it becomes part of my tool-chest, and then I’ll want to do something else that the lite version won’t do, and presto, I’ll be begging the Boss for coin to buy the tool.

    That’s how it goes.


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