Why an iPhone?

Prior to buying an iPhone I used a Palm Tungsten T3.  IMHO, this was the best model Palm ever produced, even if it lacks Wifi.  The lack of good Wifi support even with an SD Wifi B card, was one of the primary reasons I bought an iPhone.  I didn’t actually plan to buy an iPhone, but when I was attending WWDC 2008 I was frustrated that I couldn’t use my Palm for sending email or browsing the web because I kept getting Fatal Exceptions.  It worked fine at home, although it wasn’t the quickest web browsing experience, and sometimes web pages just didn’t look all that great. 

In contrast the web browsing experince on the iPhone is amazing.  I used my buddy’s iPhone at the conference to pickup my mail and was amazed at how close web pages are rendered to the desktop.  It was the consolidation of a cell phone, which I only occasionally use and could not justify, and as Jobs put it “a break through Internet device”,  that prompted me to fork over the money for an iPhone without a contract.  I opted not to get a data plan for the phone, because I couldn’t justify the cost since as a Canadian I would be paying some of the highest cell phone rates in the world.  The only thing I miss about not having data is being able to use the GPS with google maps while travelling.  Instead I have to use a map program that downloads all the map data for a pre-selected area.  I also miss not having data a little while at work, since they don’t provide or allow Wifi on the network.

The iPhone hasn’t completely replaced my Palm yet, because I don’t want to license and use Outlook at home, and Apple doesn’t supply ToDo list management to the same extent it’s available on my Palm.  Eventually I’m sure the iPhone will become my only PDA, even though Apple doesn’t market or support the iPod Touch or iPhone as such, especially if you’re using a PC.

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