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Whenever I take on a new maintenance project I find that sometimes form names do not adhere to a standard naming convention, or it takes a while to get accustomed to the one used.  For that reason, if you encounter a bug, or behaviour that is not desired when running an application outside of the IDE, it is often difficult to figure out what form is active when the error occurs.

An old school way to answer this question is to use Spy++ to get the window class name, which for Delphi forms is the Delphi class name.  Since Spy++ is a Microsoft VC++ application and tool, it doesn’t come with Delphi so I always have to get it from another source.  I recently found this location with multiple versions.  Guess I’m not the only one who still uses this tool!

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  1. ObjectMethodology.com Says:

    That’s usually and indication the software has either been tossed around to different shops or the shop that created it had no “naming guide”.

    Either way it spells opportunity for you.

  2. EMB Says:


  3. Larry Hengen Says:


    In my experience Winsight is much slower and less reliable than Spy++.

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