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Maybe I am daft, but ever since HTML help was introduced with the Galileo IDE, I can’t find much in the way of help.  I often configure later versions of Delphi to invoke the D7 help so I can find what I need.  That version of help was apparently put together by Danny Thorpe, so hitting F1 in the D7 IDE would bring up a topic for the current selected identifier in the editor.

So why is it that 11 years later, with technology marching forward, that I can’t do the same thing in XE4?  I quite often can’t even locate items by searching for them.  Despite selecting filters to prevent .NET and Visual Studio related material, I still get nothing relevant to Delphi or “RAD Studio”.  Take for instance the results of these screen shots searching for refactoring information.

Help on Refactoring

Help on Refactoring

Google seems to provide much better results in a shorter search timeframe…

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  1. Lachlan Gemmell Says:

    While the help is much better in recent versions it’s these sorts of issues that prompted me to create my TIndex website a few years back.

    I’ve got plans for the TIndex which will hopefully start to draw in documentation from all sources and make them easily accessible. Watch this space, though I must admit I’ve been saying that for some time now :-(

  2. Sepp Says:

    The Galileo IDE was the biggest mistake they’ve ever made.
    That’s when all the troubles started.

  3. Michael Bunk Says:

    How true! This helpless state of the help is a major reason for people to leave Delphi behind and move on.

  4. Jeroen Pluimers Says:

    Since Google is a much better indexing engine than any of the Help file formats on any platform I’ve seen, I use that for finding the on-line documentation.

    Phrased like this for your Refactoring search: Refactoring

  5. Alister Christie Says:

    Yup, there is now plenty in the help, and Embarcadero should be commended for its improvements - but how do I find it?

  6. Michael Says:

    The Search capability is limited indeed. This is sad since the content improved strongly.

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