Sorting things out with the TDebugInspector

If you have ever used the Debug Inspector you might have noticed it can be rather challenging to find a property, or method in a larger class that is a distant descendant of TObject.  Data, Methods and Property names are intermixed in their respective tabs, starting with (I believe) their root ancestor downwards.  IOW,  they don’t appear in alphabetical order.

The Delphi Debug Inspector

The Delphi Debug Inspector

The Debug Inspector uses the same TInspListBox as the the ObjectInspector, so you can search for items by name by selecting the item, pressing Tab (The cursor will appear in the names section of the list), and typing the name of the item you’re looking for.  Unfortunately, using such a “Begins With” search has limited usefulness when the items are not sorted alphabetically.

Anyone know how to alphabetize this list?

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  1. Anthony Frazier Says:

    Can’t say that I do, but if you figure it out let me know.

    That is one of the most annoying things about the debug inspector.

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