Delphi Packaging and Pricing a Mystery

If you already upgraded to XE4, but didn’t buy the mobile pack, it appears that EMBT penalizes you if you then want to upgrade to the mobile pack.  According to this pricing page, the mobile pack AddOn is $499 if you already own XE4 or not.  Seems to me it should be $449 to reflect the upgrade cost from XE3 to XE4 if you bought the special, or whatever you paid for your upgrade.

What is also baffling is that there appears to be no way to experiment with the iOS mobile pack.  The trial says it contains “Trial includes Delphi, C++Builder and HTML5 Builder. Instant Trial includes Delphi and C++Builder.”.  There is no mention of the mobile pack which for many would be the primary incentive for buying an upgrade over XE3, and the reason EMBT is reporting year over year growth.

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  1. Olaf Monien Says:

    Isn’t that everyday reality that you are describing here? If you buy everything in one pack at once, then that uses to be cheaper than buying single pieces.

    At least my local grocery store behaves the same way. I can buy 24 single bottles of water, one every day or a pack of 24. I have to pay more upfront, but in the end I’ll save a lot ;-)

  2. Ghoy Says:

    Regarding the trial, fact is that EMB is well aware that whatever they release has an “Alpha” stage grace period of at least minimum of 1 year, I’m not talking about internal testing, there is practically none, I’m talking about selling incomplete features to the faithful developer base audience. That is the actual reason why there is no trial for the mobile development. If people had the chance to work with the product for 30 days, they would quickly stumble down to the fact that : a.) there are aaalot of bugs(which you will have to pay for to get fixed) b.) there are better development tools elsewhere. You can abstract most of this as core truth if you just look at their recent advertisement attemps via their personal blogs for example that Sneak Peek Delphi FirePhoto app for Android, the fact that they couldn’t show the application in a closed sun-glare free environment where we could actually see if the application is working properly clearly shows that even the developers aren’t confident in the Android mobile pack coming out in a month. Embarcadero is so incredibly far from the standard that other companies uphold and that we come to expect.

  3. Chris Says:

    Not sure what you mean by the trial - it’s always a trial of the most expensive edition, and as such, will include the ‘mobile pack’ by default. In other words, the ‘pack’ is an addon for Delphi Pro specifically - the functionality is already included in Delphi Enterprise or above or RAD Studio Pro or above.

  4. Larry Hengen Says:


    That may be evident to you, being “in the know”. The point I was making is that a new buyer interested in Mobile Development would have no idea that the mobile pack was included based on descriptions of the trial prior to downloading and installing it. Since mobile development is AFAIK the reason for EMBT’s year over year growth it might be a good thing to encourage users to download the trial and try mobile development, if indeed you are correct.

  5. Te Waka o Pascal · Are Embarcadero Really Interested in New Users ? Says:

    [...] replying to a comment on his blog post about the pricing of the mobile add-on pack (XE4 – no news on XE5 as yet that I am aware of), [...]

  6. Jolyon Smith Says:

    @Larry, you appear to be one of those people still labouring under the delusion that there are any “new buyer” type customers for Delphi. I’m not sure that they do. Quite the opposite in fact.

    My thoughts and observations:

  7. Chris Says:

    On the Delphi hompage:

    ‘iOS app development features are available in all editions of RAD Studio, in Delphi Enterprise edition and higher, and in Delphi Professional edition with the Mobile Add-On Pack option.’

    That said, why would potential new users assume mobile support isn’t in the trial? After all, this is the feature EMBT have been highlighting in their marketing. It’s only ‘insiders’ as you put it who will know iOS support was pulled from Delphi Professional in XE4 (after all, it was in for XE2).

  8. Larry Hengen Says:

    @ Chris,

    The reason why a new user would assume mobile support isn’t in the trial is because of the quote in my article about what EMBT says IS in the trial! What it doesn’t say is that Mobile Support is present in the trial. The issue is one of poor communication to EMBT’s customers and potential customers. This translates into poor marketing. It only takes a few minutes to alter a web page, and the cost of doing so is significantly lower than holding an on-line event, which EMBT does quite often (which is good).

    Companies with good communication have processes in place to ensure consistent, and comprehensive communication to existing and potential customers. They demonstrate empathy for their customers, and this is expressed in the way they interact with them. So for instance, one might expect someone from EMBT to read this post and react to it here, or amend the trial download page to clarify what is in the trial. Instead, it’s dead air..

    My point is that it isn’t even clear what you get with a trial, so who is going to download and install it in order to find out? It’s just one more impediment to overcome in order to own the latest release. Joylon also rightly points out that the trial may not reflect the product edition that you are interested in buying, adding yet another impediment.

    Then there is the whole issue of increasing the new users of Delphi. Joyon makes some very valid points on his blog, which backs up his argument that EMBT is not interested in new users but in milking the existing ones for as long as possible. The only counter argument I have, is that major bugs, and issues remain unaddressed for long periods of time, and this appears to indicate that EMBT doesn’t even care about the satisfaction of it’s existing customer’s which is key to retention. Mobile and cross platform capabilities might be their strategy to increase the user base, but quality, and better core functionality cannot be sacrificed without sacrifing existing users (who may or may not be interested in Mobile development), which are the easiest customers to acquire, and the hardest to get back once they have decided to leave.

  9. Larry Hengen Says:


    Yes you are correct…I am delusional. Delusional in thinking that a company interested in making money would see that customers who criticize aspects of their product or operation, are doing so because they care about the product(s) and have a vested interest in seeing things get better. Instead, they get a company who dismisses what is said and labels you simply as a ‘detractor’, seemingly unappreciative of all the editions of Delphi and other products of theirs you have bought over the years or helped sell to other customers, and all the bug reports and product enhancement suggestions provided to help make the product better. Some companies seem to be ignorant of the fact that word of mouth advertising is the best and cheapest form. Make your customers happy and they will sell the product for you!

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