XE5 World Tour Smaller than XE4?

I just checked out the World Tour for XE5, and despite the buzz about iOS development with Android support just around the corner, it appears as if the XE5 tour has fewer stops than the XE4 tour.

EMBT is no longer stopping in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (the IT capital of the west) where I reside.  In fact in Canada the map shows only a single stop in Western Canada, but when you click on it the dialog shows two stops; in Montreal and Toronto.

XE5 World Tour - Single Canadian Destination

XE5 World Tour - Single Canadian Destination

Apparently the map is based on a JPG image file rather than demonstrating Delphi google map integration, and there is no single source of truth, so something has gotten out of sync.

I certainly hope this is not another indicator of the decline of Delphi users.

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  1. C Johnson Says:

    No more crappy pizza in the smallest room in the further corner of the library basement downtown scheduled at the worst possible time for everyone who doesn’t work downtown?

    Say it ain’t so Larry!

    Sour grapes aside, it IS a disturbing trend. I would have thought at least Vancouver would have gotten the nod if it was population based.

    Still, not even Microsoft is doing the Technet and MSDN rounds anymore (least not that I noticed, I would be happy to find out otherwise)

    Last time, I went for XE2, they practically ordered more pizza than people showed up (straight up pizzas:people numbers, not just consumable volume) I remember when they used to have hundreds show up.

    I have to think that serious downward trend is probably a major factor. Heck, I don’t think there is even anyone interested in trying to get a user group going locally any more. (am I wrong? Coffee outa the home office would be great, the walls have so little to say any more…)

  2. C Johnson Says:

    Speaking of sour grapes, did you see the post where some groups will get steak instead of pizza as a come on?


  3. Jolyon Smith Says:

    We still have an event in Auckland this year but after an upgrade a few years ago (iirc around the time of Delphi 2010) the venues have been getting smaller and smaller.

    We also lost our NZ reseller a couple of years ago and now have no local representation, being served by Australia.

  4. Jolyon Smith Says:

    It just occured to me, I wasn’t even aware that there was an XE4 “World” tour as such. Are you thinking of XE3 ?

  5. Larry Hengen Says:


    For once my memory is accurate, and I believe the XE4 World Tour had the same locations in Canada, so the “decline” is not new, but was evident last year. I was just too busy to notice.


    @C Johnson,

    I love your tongue in cheek! No, I will not miss the greasy pizza, just the fact that EMBT no longer feels the customers here merit a tour date. Steak? I would have shown up for steak! 8-)

    Where are they serving it?

    As for the user group, Dave Hamdon and I talked about resurrecting it before he left for Edmonton, but we weren’t sure there was enough interest and I am not able to act as sole organizer due to my family committments. If you want to pursue it, email me.

  6. Bruce McGee Says:


    Embarcadero frequently adds date to the tours. You should ask them to add Calgary back into the mix.

    In fact, I’d love to see a lot more Canadian dates.

    As for greasy pizza, we’ve been having salads and sandwiches, which is borderline healthy. I’m looking forward to seeing the lunch menu this time around. :)

  7. C Johnson Says:

    Is there anyone left in the community other than me and you Larry? THAT is definitely the question. Every time I looked, it was shrinking.

  8. Jurgen Says:

    It could make sense, why even bother, XE4 is still still fresh and XE6 is probably around the corner early 2014.

  9. Jeroen Pluimers Says:

    I have the impression that over the last couple of years, events in Europe have gotten more attendees.

    The plus side: unlike last century, this century, World Tours do include countries outside the USA and Canada (:

    On 20130907 there is an event in The Netherlands, and 20130921 one in Germany. Will try to give an impression on my blog after those.

  10. Larry Hengen Says:

    @C Johnson,

    I know there are more Delphi developers around than you might think. In fact I know of 3 companies here in Calgary who were looking not that long ago, and did find people.

    The real questions is, would these developers who often have family responsibilities, take time out of their schedule to attend a user group meeting, and what would it take to encourage that. Of course we would need a meeting place, with a projector located somewhere close to the majority of attendees (subject to change).

    I would love to reboot the user group, and learn from other developers. Even if that meant the “last two Delphi developers” meeting for coffee over a laptop from time to time 8-)

  11. Wodzu Says:

    Dunno about Canada but here in Poland each tour consists four or five polish cities. XE 5 tour is no different in this matter. I think that in my city there is like 50-70 people every year.

    What is quite interesting, I would say that 95% of them does not use Internet to blog about Delphi, post question and so on. They are silent users… Even in my company I am the only one who is “active” in this matter, rest guys only search web for the information - they do not contribute to the community.

  12. Alister Christie Says:

    I’ll be going to the event in Auckland NZ, and try to get some people on video, hopefully we’ll see some new faces. I guess we are pretty lucky to get an event in New Zealand - if Canada only gets 2 having almost 8 times the population. Well at least Canada gets one and the nearby Cananda also gets one (http://www.embarcadero.com/world-tour)

  13. Hypnos Says:

    Indeed there are more developers. But you never who comes for what reason.

    MS does not come every year to every place again and again. Places for such events are wisely chosen.

    EMB maybe had a false impression from the event my city. There had been many people from a specific Delphi shop - I think/could imagine one of the reasons why so many employees attended was that the EMB event could be classified as ‘education’ required in order to match the ISO certification. The middle-ware the hart is not implemented at their site afik.

    Some others did come in order to tell EMB what the think about XE2 to XE3:). Many others simply listened and enjoyed the meal.

    But Larry it would require a Delphi that plays all the tricks and many successful projects already finished to bring back developers to make developers attend such events on a large scale.

    What’s wrong with EMB events.
    a) EMB tell one hour about EMB and the various products - no one in my country attends an event because he wants to get to know the vendor or the various products sold. This can be harmful - the impression left - AAah, this company is kind of nasty sales people contacting me …
    b) EMB present how to solve things already solved but their way - Show anything else.
    c) Don’t send Germans to Austria in order to present. Send people who speak a perfect English and preset in a perfect way. That’s better. It makes a difference to other vendors. You can send Andreas Hausladen, telling the stories about how to fight the beast - recalcitrant German liberal is a welcome stereotype, people from South Europe … anyone else but not German sales people. There was a time when so many German companies tried to sell here … into a market with almost no demand.
    d) Don’t present HTML5 Builder …
    e) Put the C++ Builder in the showcase.

    The event was not bad at all.

    It somehow reminded me of one of the last Cognos presentations in my country before they dissapeard. The audience was interested in the buffet (Vienna) and the only man who asked questions was a white bearded man who said, ‘Do you think that this product will support Impruptu prompts one day, because we decided for Cognos long time ago’. - In Delphi terms, can I use the Win3.1 controls on Delphi for Android because we decided because of this 18 versions ago.

    EMB is in better shape. But what I learned too - don’t try to battle a big vendor and compensate shortcomings. Cognos tried to succeed with a niche product that allowed to overcome shortcomings of the BW in the area of web reporting, 6 months later SAP simply put a few screenshots of something that would come in 3 years into the showcase no one looks at … but you loose. For a bigger vendor it’s easier - the fact the the big vendor or technology provider is working on something is a good argument for everyone involved. No cost, no work, no risk …

  14. David Moorhouse Says:

    We’re sending three developers up for the morning from Christchurch to Auckland Alister so see you on Friday. A couple of years back we used to get an event here in Christchurch (although it was organised by the local reseller, not embo)

  15. David I. Says:

    It’s always fun to see the feedback about what we are doing, especially with everyone thinking about food and location counts. I guess we already cover most of what is needed about the technology. So cool to be able to show everyone iOS and Android support for Delphi now.

    The XE5 Tech Preview Tour is only for some of the planned cities in August and September. We will have hundreds more cities in Q4 (October to December), CodeRage 8, mobile developer conferences we are attending, and additional specialized new customers tours. Last week I was in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Now I am in Mumbai, Bangalore and Seoul this week.

    Malcolm Groves, for example, is doing 6 additional New Zealand stops “Hands on Mobile Development” in conjunction with the New Zealand - IITP NZ (Institute of IT Professionals New Zealand) September National Series - to reach out to new developers.

    24 September - Hamilton and Auckland
    25 September - Wellington and Tauranga
    26 September - Dunedin and Christchurch

    Additional information about this specific tour can be found on the IITP events page at http://www.iitp.org.nz/events/

    The world tour page will be continually updated as we add more cities, mobile conferences, other live events, online events, etc.

    “Don’t count your chickens xxxxxxx”. Pizza? How about steak sandwiches and other foods?

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