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EMBT has numerous postings for positions if you are interested in applying.  There are jobs in the US, Romainia and Spain.  They are even looking for a Senior VP of Marketing.  If you’re going to apply make sure to read this first.

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  1. Andreas Hausladen Says:

    Michael Swindell is Senior Vice President of Products and Strategy.

  2. Hypnos Says:

    Agreed Andreas, but Alan Lovett is no longer part of the Executive Team according to EMBs website. So they removed the VP for Sales (U.S.) and replace the position with VP for Marketing.

    Maybe M.S. (Marketing & Sales) holds things position until a better yet alternative can be found. Nomen Est Omen! Why travel so far?

  3. Joseph Says:

    “…The company’s flagship tools include: …CodeGear® RAD Studio,… JBuilder® ….”

    Maybe they should be hiring someone to update their website! :-)

  4. Larry Hengen Says:


    I stand corrected. Don’t know how I got that mixed up…

  5. joe Says:

    Most of the reviews at GlassDoor have the same message. EMBT Management is terrible. Nothing we already hadn’t figured out, but it’s interesting to see it in writing from current and former employees.


  6. Peter Says:

    Hmm… Low moral - seems like my kind of a place. Low morale would be a bummer though - possibly countered by low moral.

  7. km Says:

    It’s hard when you offer jobs in a country people don’t know how to spell…

  8. Inside Embarcadero Says:

    Yes, management have been trying to hire compiler guys and Mobile architects for almost an year.

    Everybody we interviewed drop during the process, when they learn about the offer and what kind of technology they will have to work with, no one wanna work with old technology, yes for engineers in Silicon Valley and the rest of US, Delphi, C++Builder, FireMoney, etc. are old technology, also Embarcadero salary is way below the average.

    They are trying to hire in Romania now, a place where we only have engineers juniors and we all know the quality of database products tested here, which became the same for the Embarcadero IDE’s

  9. KMorwath Says:

    Moving Delphi development to Iasi is another “bright idea” from Embarcadero. I do not know who would move there when if he’s skilled enough he can find better jobs in Western Europe or USA. Who would bring up his or her family in such a city - attending Rumanian schools and with medical facilities not up to those you find in the Western world? If it was one of the Baltic Republic or St. Petersburg maybe they could have found someone, but there they could appeal only to Rumanians, or Moldovans because the border is so near.
    Unless Emb pays a lot, but reaally a lot of money, and it doesn’t look they do.

  10. Hypnos Says:

    Talented engineers from Romania move to China. Wondering if you will find some there at a low salary.

    Appwave + DB visualization and E/R Studio on Android Nexus 10 tablet. Serves almost the same purpose as the Quick/ER Add-On to PL-SQL developer.

    Agreed you can’t sell the existing stuff at a low price. Create new stuff at a lower price.

  11. Hypnos Says:

    Lasi seems to be an industrial city size of my home town. Mine does not have that certain Mediterranean flair. I worked in a steel works. No huge difference. It will take a while. But Lasi seems to big one of the bigger cities.

    My suggestion would be EMB HQ in Astara. Caspian Sea ocean view. Nice place. In a few years many Americans there. Feel home in Azerbaijan, they have flying carpets there - save travel expenses.


    Bako seems to be cool.

    I am still amazed what beautiful places can be found in parts of the world once divided by the iron curtain. You cannot imagine what they told us in school. The whole people in the COMECON drinksVodka and eat potato soup except the population of Cuba, they would drink rum and have nothing to eat. Chinese people eat one hand full of rice a day. U.S. America was about Cola, Cowboys and Rock’n Roll.

    My grand pa lived a few kilometers away from my hometown directly at the border. And he sometimes he missed the right side of the creek, if you see two you have a 50% chance to get the on right. Then the border guards ‘carried’ him home.

    Sometimes they simply put him into a cell, especially when new guards did not know him. If you asked him in the evening/night what he is doing here - ‘Waiting for some Russians to shoot’. He was a sniper in WWII and sometimes he did not realize that the war was a few more years ago. One time he was nearly accused to be a spy. He simply missed the right side the creek and went along the road and followed the street signs, after having realized that he is miles miles beyond the death strip - the enemy lines. Road signs did not show into the right direction … Czechoslovakian borderland.

    Something similar could be a problem in Astara … but I still think flying carpets… is worth giving that experiment a try.

  12. Tim Says:

    The open marketing position isn’t a VP. It’s a Senior Product Marketing Manager for C++Builder that will be working with me.

    Thanks to Joseph for pointing out the old list of products on the web page. Updated version will be live on the site in the morning.

  13. KMorwath Says:

    I know there are beautiful places and cities there - the problem is if they are enough attractive to attract very skilled and talented developers - there is the pay, yes, but when you move to another city you also select it on what it can offer beyond the job - and I don’t mean just “girls and clubs”. If you have a family you try to undersand what level the schools and medical facilities are. You may check what cultural events are available, what’s the quality of food you can buy (and at what prices), the availability of shops, quality of transports, ease of travelling, nearby cities, etc. etc. Frankly, if someone can choose if to move to Redmond, Mountain View, Cupertino or Iasi, what are the chances he or she will select the latter? Especially to work on a product almost on life-support?

  14. Ex-EMBT Says:

    I worked at EMBT Iasi (not LASI btw) for 2+ years.

    There’s just no one willing to work for peanuts that EMBT is offering there. The jobs they offer ARE good for juniors though - there’s enough to learn to kickstart your career and get hired in a normal company.

    After a while the whole thing started rotting away, the *morale* went down the drain. I think now they mostly hire junior staff for QA purposes.

    BTW, just as a comparison, they would expect to spend on a senior developer with experience about $20K-$30K in Iasi (that is *full* expense, all taxes on both sides). Compare that with US and you will understand.

    Unfortunately there are **way** better job offers to be found in EU for skilled engineers.

  15. Hypnos Says:

    - there’s enough to learn to kickstart your career and get hired in a normal company.
    I love that one.:) Every company does offer it’s own flair. Don’t expect ratio in the S.F. Bay Area. IT would evolve into something so unbelievable boring and disgusting … you cannot imagine. Wickedness is the spirit of the software business.

    I still admire what EMB, RO or Adobe do. IDEs and compilers are heavy work still. You need a special kind of developer. Those are rare. An IDE is more complex because there is heavy human interaction still from the user side.

    The more poor a region is the more people are willing to move. Pakistan vs. rich regions in India. I would guess people from Romania are something like consultants in a broader sense. An IDE is not that challenge it’s a different one, because very few customers really honor the value. Simply because they are used to to the product.

    There is a contradiction and technology is very special. Mass business had never been a good business for a long time. Never good for employees.

    The high salaries do come from cheap money pumped into technology especially in the U.S - their last reputation left. This phase is over … from a strategic perspective…

    What’s more sustain. Doing a good job in Romania and helping to improve the community or running away … Sounds strange, but be happy that you have the opportunity to rebuild Romania. Once you are finished … EMB will very likely not want those who move, … Maybe EMB need exactly those.

    I buy the argument with the infrastructure … a higher income. That’s money. Growing rich as an employee works nowhere. you could benefit from differences concerning pricing level. When you return to Romania the difference is gone.

    In a job you an stand up in the morning and make it better. Every day a new opportunity.

    Software is a mass business. Ponzi scheme. You must invest tremendous in order to keep your level/position. Binge drinking. The last one who falls has won. Everyone falls. Except of a fistful of companies. There is always this tendency of shrinking after you reached the peak. An expanding Business and I think the Delphi business was such a business allows hide faults and you can correct such issues in the expansion a lot easier - good old early days. Or problems hide but they don’t disappear. They come back almost all at once at a worst point in time one can imagine. This is the phase that has been handed over to EMB. That’s sobering for a young engineer. ‘No’ pay and ‘no’ spirit is very sobering.

    There is a demand of about - 30k IT jobs afik still open in the U.S. That’s the other side but wait this can change quickly.

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