Latest EMBT Offer

I just received an email offer from EMBT to upgrade to XE5 for Android development with a generous 10% off.  The email contained a “Shop online at and use coupon code SPECIAL10 at checkout.” near the bottom, so just for giggles I clicked on the link.  It takes you to the cleverbridge e-commerce site with a link to open the homepage.  Not even a mention of Embarcadero.

The interesting thing is that the Buy OnLine link also in the same email does work, although it takes you to a general sales page where you again have to click on a Buy Now product link before selecting the product edition and adding it to your cart.  Then of course you have to click on the checkbox to enable an input field where you can manually key in the special code.

I guess customers who want that 10% off have a 50/50 shot….and if you get past that obstacle, for 10% off you should have to jump through at least a few hoops ;-)

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  1. Jason Sweby Says:

    10% should be the upgrade price, not the discount!

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