Out of Memory - Solved!

I recently read EMBT’s Delphi RoadMap and was very happy so see that QPS (Quality, Performance, Stability) is item #2 on the Delphi 2014 list.  I certainly hope that these items appear in order of priority.  One of the primary issues I keep hitting is the Out of Memory error, although far less frequently thanks to Andreas’ workaround.  If you can’t see the QC report in your web browser, perhaps like me, you are not authorized to see it on the web.  I can view it fine in the QC Windows Client:

Out of Memory Error - solved internally

Out of Memory Error - solved internally

I am happy to see that this bug has finally been fixed according to the QC # and many other duplicate ones.  It appears to have been fixed as early as January 30, 2014 according to the Closed status replicated from the internal bug tracking system.  For those SA purchasers suffering from this problem, it kind of makes you wonder why this hasn’t been shipped as an update.

I was just going through my QC reports since I wanted to see if the QPS initiative had resulted in some of my long standing reports being addressed.  Sadly I don’t see any movement in that direction yet as a great number of my QC items are still in the Reported state with no comments of any kind.  Perhaps the QPS initiative will mean that QC will no longer be administered by “volunteers”, or perhaps they will recruit additional volunteers to help with the backlog.  I know I would happily volunteer to screen QC reports if it meant helping the product get better and I received a free license for my efforts…

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  1. Mason Wheeler Says:

    You seem to have accidentally posted the wrong link as the Delphi roadmap… :(

  2. Larry Hengen Says:

    Thanks for catching that….fixed.

  3. Joseph Says:

    You touched on a very important point - quality, performance and stability are outcomes of a process, not features. Unless EMBT addresses *why* there has been a need for QPS improvements, any beneficial effect will only be temporary. They’ll just be devoting one release to clearing up the QC backlog otherwise and it will inevitably fill back up again.

    I’m not holding my breath for any changes to the “volunteer” status of QC.

    > For those SA purchasers suffering from this problem, it kind of makes you wonder
    >why this hasn’t been shipped as an update.

    I’ve been collecting examples of QC situations like this. The most obvious, and saddest, explanation is “money”. There are a few examples now of bugs being fixed within the support window but mysteriously not appearing in a hotfix and being incorporated into the next product version instead.

    I have noticed a lot of *long* outstanding bugs are now listed as resolved (but not incorporated into a release). I think they sorted the QC list by longest open and then by lowest hanging fruit. At least that much is good.

    I have a hard time calling what was published a “road map”. It has no specific time line (when’s XE6 coming? We still don’t know!) and most of the items are vague generalities. One has to read tea leaves to try to discern intent. For instance, does “Mobile and desktop applications interoperability” mean the much-talked-about move to a single LLVM compiler for all of Delphi or not? Perhaps the answer is “yes” if they get to it, but they’ll say “no it didn’t” if they don’t. :-( As is, the items are divided into before and after 2014 rather than version so one doesn’t know what’s coming in XE6 as well as still being in the dark about when it’s coming. :-( This seems more like a scraped-together list of what they’re working on right now and it feels like they have no idea themselves what or when things are coming. How is that possible?

    Enterprise software development I’m familiar with has firm development deadlines for inclusion of features. If the release is going to be in June (which makes sense if they’re having two releases this year) surely by April they’ve reached the deadline for code changes and are now in testing mode? Of course Embarcadero Insider stated that they didn’t even begin looking into Windows 8 support until 60 days before launch of XE3 (and that was with a 1 year dev cycle) so maybe they are making changes up until the very last minute. That might explain much about the QPS problems in the first place and no firm road maps suggests the cause is still untreated. PostgreSQL’s 1 year dev cycle is 6 months to merge features then 6 straight months of testing.

  4. Thomas Mueller Says:

    It’s “Andreas” (Hausladen), not “Anders”

  5. blh Says:

    Duplicate {$R *.res} in the .dpr still not solved! %$%$
    Adding already existing “ifdef” units on form save - not solved. (System.ActionList for example)
    Out of memory on circullar references - not solved.
    And many more…

  6. Robert Love Says:

    Are the items that are reported and not internal under your name in QC or under other peoples names? If they are under others names, knowing the QC Numbers would be helpful, in finding and promoting these.

  7. Larry Hengen Says:


    Whoops! Thanks for catching that…fixed.

  8. Larry Hengen Says:


    The link to the QC item in this post is not mine, and it will show the QC# if you mouse over it. You can of course also look at the link source to find it is QC 95668. I just tried today to find the item and mysteriously QC for Windows can no longer find it. The screen shot of QC for Windows also shows it. My QC report related to this one is here.

  9. Jan Doggen Says:

    Can you please change this posts title, e.g. change the exclamation mark to a question mark. I hopefully clicked on the blog link only to find out that for all practical purposes (read: current end users) the issue is NOT fixed.

  10. Larry Hengen Says:

    @Jan Doggen,

    While I am tempted to do so…the title still holds true except that the fix has not been released yet by EMBT. If you want an interim “fix” that works pretty well check out my previous article.

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