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Actually I am not running for an office of any kind.  I would actually appreciate some votes for my QC items (if that truly counts for anything in terms of prioritization).  Specifically, I would like to see QC # 123768 and 93267 fixed, but feel free to search through all my reports and vote for them ;-)

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  1. Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Says:


  2. Sebastian Jänicke Says:

    If one has a problem as described in QC 123768, I think it is more an organizational problem…
    1. We don’t check in everything without checking it first, so it can’t affect anything checked in the VCS.
    2. There is no need for every developer to change the project files. This can be left to the project leader, so a change cannot break something.
    3. We use special debug configurations derived from the standard config (”Debug Sebastian”, “Debug xyz”, …), and if those are checked in, it does not affect other developer using other build configurations.

    Of course SOMETIMES the way described in the QC would make sense, but unfortunately not ALWAYS. Because sometimes one wants to have those settings checked in and sometimes not.

    For example our standard debug configuration is configured to match our standard test environment. So I just have to check out, get a copy of our test environment and have all parameters I need to run the project there, including host executables, …

    So if this is implemented there should be a possibility to use the old behavior. For example the local configuration should only override the standard configuration, if it exists. Just the same way as inherited settings are displayed now. So you could see the settings of the inherited configuration, the one of the current configuration and the local configuration.

    I think this way this could be smoothly integrated.

  3. Stefan Glienke Says:

    I agree with Sebastian here.

    Just don’t check in dproj files unless you know what you are doing.

  4. Larry Hengen Says:

    @ Sebastian,

    Thanks for the comment. Your recommendation seems like a good compromise. If you read my previous post, I also recommended only checking in the DRPOJ in a controlled manner. This certainly works, but I thought a better solution would be to move some settings to the DRPOJ.LOCAL.

  5. Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Says:

    Ultimately, Delphi should have a .dproj and a .dproj.user of which the former goes into VCS and the latter not.

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