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Is Linux Ready for the Desktop?

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

I recently downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 for my 6 core desktop machine thinking it would make for a good Host OS, as my intent was to run multiple VMs on this box.  I had previously tried Kubuntu and was impressed with the increasing user friendliness of the UI.  Ubuntu loaded quite easily onto my hard drive and played nice with the Windows 7 already installed, making the machine dual boot.  Everything was functional and the UI was relatively quick and intuitive.

Then  I tried to install an updated ATI video driver, and it crashed.  No big deal, Ubuntu installed a baseline configuration into the boot loader just like Windows does.  I went back to the last configuration and avoided the temptation to install the proprietary ATI video driver.

Getting my Apple Bluetooth keyboard was also quite straight forward.  I just had to use the Synaptic Package Manager to download and install Bluetooth support, and configured it under the System - Preferences - Bluetooth.  I just couldn’t get my Apple Magic Mouse to work.  With a little searching on their forums I found this link.  Obviously you can’t go to far off the beaten track before you’re back to command line scripts not for the faint of heart or those unfamiliar with Unix/Linux.

Linux may still be too unrefined for a novice user, but if you’re a tech head and want to avoid some licensing costs, or use Linux as a host OS for VMs it’s more than adequate IMHO.